Simply Easy Dog Training And Basic Puppy Obedience Training

Introduce Your Puppy to Dog Training Early

The New Puppy and Dog Training Challenge

Your new “best friend”, that cute puppy, will be happier if you learn basic dog training is easy. Free dog training tips can be found on the internet. Puppy and dog obedience training will create a lifelong bond between you and your puppy. He will be a  fantastic companions and in many cases more fun than some of your friends. He is always glad to see you, give of themselves without end, and  bring joy into your life.  A dog or puppy provides you with much needed exercise, companionship, friendship, and, without question, lots of fun. Don’t be fooled he can be a challenge, but dog training will only make your life together better. The key to dog training is patience, remaining calm, and punish him when necessary with a sharp word or two only when you catch him in the act.

dog training take patience and timeA new puppy and the accompanying dog training can be your greatest challenge. The first dog training challenge is potty training puppy and getting him started in  basic dog obedience training. Children and puppies have a lot in common. Dog training requires time, effort, and commitment. He will test your patience, but you must be patient with him. You can’t get irritated, yell, and scream, he is just like child, dog training happens best in a calm environment. The key to successful dog training is love and patience. A puppy that has successfully completed dog training is your reward for all of your effort and commitment. A well trained puppy grows into a well trained dog that is a great friend and companion for a lifetime. Dog training your puppy take preparation, there are several commands that you must learn before you can start teaching your puppy. Doing this will make training easier on you.

Learning his name is his first step in dog training. A puppy that doesn’t know his name won’t come when called. To teach him his name you have to be consistent in its use. As you play and talk to him say his name, it is best to only use his name. As you play and praise him, call him using a happy, cheerful voice. Always say their name clearly and loudly enough so that he can hear you, soon he will begin responding to the sound of your voice and the call of his name, especially when he knows a good ear rub will soon follow. Making eye contact with them when they are called or praised is important, it helps them to know that you are addressing them. If you are consistent and keep calling their name in the same tone of voice, they will quickly learn their name and respond.

Your puppy now knows his name, it is time to teach him to “sit.” The first command in his dog training course. Sit is the first building block in most dog training program. After the first step, it become easier because puppies, like children, are a sponge and love to learn. Many people think that if you say sit enough time a puppy will figure it out and give you the expected result. Puppies do not speak English, the react to stimulation. When you say sit, he has no idea what you want him to do. When he hears your voice the probably thinks you want to play with him and waits for you to call his name. However, you want him to sit. While telling you puppy to sit, you need to encourage him to sit. Use a treat as a reward by first giving him a sniff and then holding it just out of reach above head, a little push on this back, just in front of his tail will encourage him to sit. A basic tenet of dog training is occasional bribery.

When his bottom hits the floor give him a treat and lots of love and praise for learning a new command (you are becoming successful at dog training). The love and praise reinforce his response to the command sit. Praise and a treat is the only reward you should give, he will learn a lot faster than being yelled at. Yelling does not have a place in dog training. Don’t use a treat every time, just the smell on your finger is enough.  The word sit as you encourage him to sit will become connected to the action that you expect of him when you say the command. The use of a treat is positive reinforcement and combined with lots of love will tell him he is doing a good job. Doing this a single time is not enough, dog training is an exercise in “practice make perfect” and must be repeated numerous times so he will remember what sit means. Puppy and dog training requires consistence on your part and lots of patience.

Biggest Challenge of Dog Training – “Come Spot”

The next command is “come”. It is an extremely important command whether he is on a long leash or running free, your dog or puppy need to obey the come command without question for his own protection and that of others. If he doe not obey, you have no control. You will need a long leash for this training. Have him sit and attach the leash to his collar. Walk to the end of the leash without pulling on it. Call him by name, “Come Spot” and give a slight tug on the leash.. He will probable come in response to his name, it now time for lots of love and a treat. When he begins to respond consistently, increase the distance, even if you have to leave the leash laying on the ground. Many time he will follow you as you walk away, just take him back and tell him to sit. It won’t take lone before he will come on command, however it is important that you be consistent.

Throughout your dog training program it is important to remember that puppies become have a short attention span and when they become bored it is time to stop dog training and start playing.  Also, treats should not be given each time he does something right, positive reinforcement with a treat works best if it is a surprise.  However, lots of love should be a consistent reward for following a command in you dog training programing.

To summarize, the basic steps of dog training are:

  1. Crate and potty training;
  2. Teaching puppy his name;
  3. Having puppy come when you call his name;
  4. Learning to walk on a leash;
  5. To sit on command; and
  6. Stay on command.

These are the most fundamental commands. To get started some trainers offer one day seminars on dog training your new puppy. This is an excellent opportunity to be trainer and get your puppy started on socialization with other puppies.

Many mistakenly think dog training ends when the class is over, however dog training in your house will continue throughout your puppy’s life. For more information on puppy and dog training visit our website and sign-up for our newsletter or visit our Simply Easy Dog Training & Pet Supply Store.

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